Tourmaline Tailgaters Surfing Association History

In the early 1990's a group of long time Tourmaline surfers found themselves surfing and tailgating together. They enjoyed each others company and engaged in countless outings as a group. On any given weekend day, the Tailgaters could be seen relaxing in their chairs in the parking lot. A table was usually set up nearby offering snacks, treats and conversation. It was not long the group decided to form the Tourmaline Tailgaters Surfing Association. The original members were; Tom Davis, Jeff Grant, John Pruitt, Bill Polick, Jack Hoog, Pat Coronel, Mike Neu, and Roger cook.


The Tailgaters eventually branched out from a small surfing group of men to a more community orientated organization. The Tailgaters have hosted highly successful yearly summer parties for the local surfing community. The Tailgaters have supported and on occasion contributed to local charitable causes. Over the many years during the Tailgaters existence, they have traveled, partied, and supported one and other and the local community.

A unique aspect of the Tailgaters is there is no structured organization, just very strong and opinionated members. The Tailgater's current membership is 15 and they are as follows in alphabetical order: Roger Cook, Pat Coronel, Tom Davis, Jim Gildea, Jeff Grant, Jack Hoog, Greg Miller, Mike Neu, Glenn Paculba, John Pruitt, Miles Weaver, Doug Van Sickle, Randy Nisleit, Bob Long, and Bill Polick.


The Tailgaters continue to maintain a regular presence at Tourmaline. Members help out with park maintenance by sweeping and picking up trash. The Tailgaters are often turned to by other local groups for assistance and direction with their events. The Tailgaters help and try to set a positive roll model for younger and beginner surfers.