The Pumphouse

G & S Pumphouse Crew

One morning while surfing the great lefts at the “beloved” Pumphouse break (south of Tourmaline) with the usual array of G & S riders, someone suggested that we should become organized. Larry, Rich, Bart, Ron and Dave were there and considered the idea. We all laughed and went on riding. At some later date, we had another board meeting in the lineup. We agreed it would be fun to form some kind of surfing group. We also agreed that there would be no dues, no meetings, no officers, and no competition. We agreed to follow Skip's advice to “Share a wave and hoot a kook”.


We were in the process of determining what we should call this new organization. Just then, Larry caught a great wave and came back out saying how much he enjoyed riding at Pumphouse. We responded “Yeah!” We ride G & S boards and we love surfing Pumphouse. We are the “G & S Pumphouse Crew”. The “Crew” was born. We had T-shirts printed and packaged. We then distributed them to the Tourmaline locals at Christmas. Being a part of the “Crew” is not subject to any organized criteria. Inclusion is simply a free gift to our Tourmaline surfing family.


The “Crew” has grown each year from those early beginnings. Shirts or hats appear according to no particular schedule. There still are no officers, no applications, no application fees, no initiations, no dues, and no meetings. Being part of the “Crew” continues to be a free gift to our Tourmaline surfing family. The steering committee of the “Crew” includes Larry, Ron, Bart, Dan, Kenny, John, Kelley and Dave. Since the main goal of surfing has always been (or should be) to have a fun soulful experience in the water and on the beach, the focus of the “Crew” is to simply reflect that goal. The stoke of riding the wave yourself or watching another surfer on a great wave is in accordance with the true “Aloha” spirit of the sport. That is the G & S Pumphouse Crew.