Windansea Surf Club

WindanSea Surf Club History

WindanSea Surf Club has always been a prestigious club with many
legendary Surfers adding to its mystical reputation. The Club was
named after the iconic La Jolla reef break earmarked by the famed
WindanSea Shack. The Club was officially organized in 1962 and founded
by a tight group lead by Chuck Hasley. The club formed on the fly when
Mike Hynson, Skip Frye and Billy Caster walked into the Hobie
Surfboard Shop where Hasley was working. They had heard about the last
chance to ride Malibu before the area was converted into a yacht
harbor. The first 9 Clubs to send in $100.00 would be accepted into
the exclusive contest. In order to be considered, you had to be a
member of an established surf club. They all decided right then to
form their own club and they appointed Thor Svenson to be the one to
convince Dave Rochlin, President of the Malibu Surf Club into thinking
they were already established. There was previously a surf club called
“Wind and Ski Surf Club” out of La Jolla and they all hoped that Dave
Rochlin would not know the difference and believe they were already
established. Thor convinced the Malibu Surf Club and the newly formed
club was in. The same day they formed the club Chuck Hasley asked
Butch Cornelius to draw up a logo. Immediately, news of the Club got
out, and calls started coming in from high profile surfers from all
over Southern California wanting to surf for them.

Today, WindanSea Surf Club has about 300 members, and not only holds
it's own in Club Events up and down the Coast but also finds time to
give back to the San Diego community through “A day at the Beach” for
underprivileged kids and their families and the Special Olympics. They
also annually host the Menehune contest at La Jolla Shores for the
young up-and-coming competitive surfers. For more information

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