Skip Frye

Skip Frye still stoked by surf: 5 decades later.
In the summer of 1958, Frye got his first surfboard, a 9-foot, 3-inch balsa board. Larry Gordon recalls Skip paddling out but rarely ever reaching the outside to sit and wait for sets because he would catch every wave on the inside and surf any wave worth taking all the way in and all the way out. To this day, fact or legend, he is known to actually catch a wave at PB point and keep gliding in one single ride past Tourmaline, catching waves almost all the way to the pier. Skip has been surfing for 50+ years and shaping for almost the same length of time. Skip's trademark “Wings” are an icon in the surf industry. Skip has always been an innovator for the sport of surfing, influencing what is now our modern day fin shape and revolutionizing surfboard design through the 70's .Still the Innovator, on any day you can find him changing out fins to tune his board for whatever the day's waves require for that perfect ride. Skip shaped under the Gordon & Smith Surfboard label up until the 80's when he made the transition to shaping under his own label exclusively- Skip Frye Surfboards. Skip's famous quote: “ Share a wave, Hoot a Kook”. Words to live by at Tourmaline Surf Park .

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