This monument honors the past and present surfers at Tourmaline Canyon Surfing Park who have embraced its beach, surf and camaraderie. We welcome you to contribute relevant Tourmaline Surf Stories & Photos. Please use the contact page on the blog

Photo by: Laurent Kramer

Since the opening of the park in May 1963, Tourmaline's local surfers have shared their time, skills and wisdom with all who have been interested in receiving them. Great surfers and fine men and women have grown up within the Tourmaline culture, and carry the positive traits learned here into their lives and those of the people around them.

Photo by: Tom Keck

Tourmaline Surfing Park


Paving the Way...

To fund the Surfer's Memorial, the Tailgaters have been selling bricks (4" x 8") to generate revenue. The brick purchaser(s) may inscribe a message on their brick. The bricks can accommodate fifteen spaces on three lines giving a total of forty five spaces or letter. The bricks will be placed in and around the Memorial base and the extended deck. The bricks will remain in place for everyone to read and enjoy much like at Petco Park or in Ocean Beach at the foot of Newport Avenue.

The Memorial Brick purchase price $200 (First come first serve until spaces run out.) Memorial Brick Order Form